Art in Public Space

SEE DJERBA is an international art project curated by Bettina Pelz and Aymen Gharbi. They invite international artists to join the decentral exhibition project in Djerba. All artists will work site- or context-specific for common spaces.

Contemporary Art in Dialogue with Cultural Heritage

Djerba is inscribed in the tentative list of the UNESCO World Heritage as of 2012 for its exceptional natural, cultural and historic heritage. The island holds a unique and iconic image both on national and international levels. All artists will refer to historical contexts that can be traced in Djerba.

Light in Fine Arts

SEE DJERBA is a nighttime project. All artists use the darkness of the night as their backdrop for the use of physical light as artistic material.


SEE DJERBA is backed with a mix of lectures and debates, workshops and residencies that provide reflection and evaluation of the ongoing situation in Djerba.