Elena Vertikova and Tomasz Freda are an international couple/team of artists based in Poland.
Her background is painting, his – photography. Elena works with the theme of water through different forms of art expression. Tomasz is fascinated by the light and its presence in space. Together they create site-specific lighting installations using analogue materials. With their sensitivity and passion for non-digital projections they developed an original way to paint with light.

Selected exhibitions:

2019 | LICHTCAMPUS group exhibition | Wismar [DE]
2019 | Berger Lights group exhibition in Willa Bergera | Sopot [PL]
2018 | UNDARK International Festival of contemporary light art | Ekaterinburg [RU]
2018 | INTERFERENCE International Light Art Project in the Medina of Tunis | Tunis [TU]
2018 | Light as a Creative Tool International Conference and Workshop | Gdansk [PL]
2018 | Greetings From There international exhibition in Chodowiecki & Grass House | Gdansk [PL]
2018 | TS:XD L1V3 4CT for 10 years of Shakespeare Theatre | Gdansk [PL]